Migun Thermal massage products have been used all over the world since 1988.
Many people have reported amazing results after using the Migun Thermal Massage Bed for a short period of time. Many say that Migun improved their health conditions when all other treatments had not. Migun’s various awards and international recognition also prove our success and customer satisfaction.

Migun greatly appreciates our customers who are willing to share their miraculous experiences with others.

Here is what people have to say about the Migun Thermal Massage Bed.

Health Issues: High Blood Pressure, Shortness of breath, & High Cholesterol
Migun Experience: After use for 3 months, I noticed the following:

"I am now more energetic, my shortness of breath has almost disappeared, Weight loss of 8lbs, lost several inches in the waist, blood pressure reduced from 180/100 to 130/84, time spent on the Migun bed is most relaxing, and I now feel healthier than 10 years ago."

Nada Mustapha
Registered Nurse / Financial Analyst
Age: 69

"It was a blessing in disguise, when in the month of June 2004, I found a flyer in my mailbox pertaining to the Migun Thermal Massage Bed. Free trial, well my wife and myself took the opportunity to try it out, and to this present day we have got no regrets what so ever. Shelia used to suffer with neck and knee pains, plus a bit of lower back pain, thanks to Migun these pains are almost gone. As for myself I suffered with low back, neck, and knee pains they are almost completely dissolve. My cholesterol is completely down; my blood pressure has been stabilized. Again we must say thanks to Migun for a great way of a healthy lifestyle."

Patrick & Shelia Mendee

"I’m one of those who go to Migun because I always have a lower back pain and now the pain is becoming lesser and the bed makes my body feel good."

Maria Vietoma Fomilla

"Diane and Michael, thank you and I will keep checking your website to know if you are opening more clinics in other locations for the public to attend and will let people know about the bed. I may not attend with them and I do not seek anything for suggesting the bed to anyone, I just think it is a great product that really helps."

Maria Ange Rita Laurin

Health Issues: Diabetes 11 & High Cholesterol
Migun Experience: After use for 3 months, I noticed the following:

"I am now more energetic, weight loss of 10lbs, lost several inches in the waist, blood pressure is normal, Diabetes test show normal, time spent on the Migun bed is most relaxing, I now feel more healthy than 10 years ago."

My recommendation: " The Migun massage therapy bed should be used by every adult to obtain similar benefits as I have."

Shiraz Mustapha
Age: 66

"A couple of months ago, my sister introduced me to Migun bed when I told her that there’s a pain in my back that causes me not to sleep at night. After a few sessions I noticed I was feeling better so I kept coming back. Now the pain is totally gone and I feel so much healthier, younger and more active, thanks Migun."


I love it. We’ve told everybody that has physical problems about it. I had 2 operations on my left shoulder, and my right arm is the same. It was so bad they wouldn’t operate on it. The thing that is completely gone is the pain. You could never get in a comfortable position to sleep, and after a few treatments, the pain went away.”

Diane Anderson

"I could do things I couldn’t do before, like breathing deeply like a real human being. My sense o f balance came back, increased energy, increased stamina. The list goes on. Sleep better, have a better appetite”.

David Phillips

After Using the Migun Thermal Massage Bed, I it gives me more energy and has ease the pain in my back. I also feel more relaxed.

Dolvester & Beverly Samuels

Other Testimonials

Five customers had their sciatica surgeries cancelled and continue to use P-3 and P-6 for relief from the symptoms of sciatica, lower back pain radiating down leg and neuropathy of the feet.

Mood is more stabilized, less feelings of stress, less depression.

Glaucoma pressure was lowered. One customer was scheduled for Lasik surgery at Castleman's eye clinic but when they checked her pressure it was normal so cancelled the surgery, they couldn't believe it?

Ganglion cyst shrunk in two different ladies.

Nearsightedness improved, after eye exam. Ordered eye chart for customers to check during visits.

Symptoms of PMS improved, lessened lower back pain, less cramps and mood is less cranky.

Thousands of people have benefited. Come and experience it for yourself!

**Migun thermal massage bed system is approved by FDA as a class II medical instrument under the 510k regulation and it can be used without a prescription. Consulting your physician is recommended and suggested, especially for those that suffer from chronic and acute problems before starting any new treatment therapy or exercise program.


























































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