Importance of Spine and Acupuncture Points

There is a saying that when the spine is healthy you can enjoy a healthy and long life. The spine is the pillar of the human body. It is connected to the activities of the brain, the internal organs, muscles, and nerves. In other words, the patterns of sleeping, yawning, speech, breathing, standing posture, and so forth are regulated by the functions of the spine. 

The spine is a column of bones called vertebrae. Human beings are composed of 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumber, 5 sacral, and 3-5 coccyx vertebrae. Surrounded by the spine, the spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes are linked together.

There are various centers in the spinal cord. The functioning of these centers has to do with the condition of the vertebrae. When the mobility of the vertebrae becomes dull, the reflex becomes dull. When the spine is distorted the nerves are pressed, and as a result, all the organs controlled by those nerves will not perform properly. The main chiropractic therapy is to correct the distorted vertebrae and normalize the functions of organs, intestines, and nerves.

Considering the importance of the spine, the spine plays an important and major role on having a healthy life. Some of the disorders that contemporary people suffer from, such as lumbago, tinnitus, and disc disorders are caused by distorted spine. Regular habits of good posture and keeping the back warm are good ways to take care of the spine. By providing acupressure effects and heat of long infrared rays on the spine through the Migun Thermal Massage Bed, many disorders associated with the spine can be cured over time. The damaged discs can be restored by enhanced blood circulation. Such a process will supply healthy nutrients to the body, thereby increasing the speed of the healing process. 




















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